Robert S. Corrington

An invitation

I am working to create a "community of interpreters" that can explore some of the fundamental traits of nature through a variety of approaches such as: semiotics, phenomenology, world religions, pragmatism, and metaphysics.  But this is not only an academic exercise.  In the face of climate change it is important to have a metaphysics of nature that is both capacious and action driven.  Inadequate conceptions of nature privilege non-generic traits and thereby overlook other pertinent traits that must be described in order to arrive at a more judicious and balanced account of the innumerable orders of the world.  I have attempted to do this in a series of books and articles from the perspective of my "ecstatic naturalism," first articulated in 1992 in my book, Nature and Spirit: An Essay in Ecstatic Naturalism (Fordham University Press).  I am currently working on my thirteenth book, Mind's Travail: Involution and Evolution.  

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